Who is Jesus?

Jesus is everything.

There is only one source for the story of Jesus: the Bible.  The Story was recorded by the hand of man, inspired by life and surroundings that were designed and established before the beginning of time, by our one and only Father God, to yield the exact words and meanings that were penned.

The beginning of His story details our creation, outlines the impossibility of this world and foreshadows the coming of God in the flesh, Jesus.  The second half of this story opens with the birth of Jesus – He grows, works, learns and teaches as a man.  He is then murdered and rises from death.  Jesus set aside His divinity (though not His authority) while He was among us.  He maintained His authority to recall His divinity in full (though He didn’t…) and He demonstrated this power by performing many signs and wonders.

God created math and science as a working tool set to build the universe – as such He, the creator, is not subservient to His creation.  God came in flesh, as Jesus, and submitted himself to time, space, gravity…hunger, loneliness, lust, etc…  Jesus never gave in to the temptations of this world and He overcame the structures of this world when He was resurrected from death.

The Bible records the life of Jesus and His feelings of love, joy, pain and heartache.  God lived as we live and felt what we feel.  His work was done fully as a man without aid from His divinity – though He did call upon His divinity to the aid of others as a sign of the truth of His transcendence.

When His pain was complete and the death of His body was achieved, He took up His divinity again and returned to His place of dominion.

Before Jesus, God’s grace was granted to those who lived with faith that He would provide salvation.  God then sent salvation to us – in human form.  For those who put their faith in this gift of grace from the father…for those who love the Son…God’s forgiveness is granted to them in full – without reservation, caveat or special condition.

When you stumble, Jesus is always there to catch you.

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